New 360 music video for "Shotgun" is here!

We are very excited to launch our new music video for "Shotgun"! 

 "We really wanted to do something different that reflected us creatively.  We wanted something new, something exciting and something that also reflected new technology.  The concept of a 360 experience had been on our minds for a while and although it doesn't translate on tv or regular cable, it was a gamble we are willing to take for our fans. The artistic concept needed to fit our brand, our music, and it had to be from the heart.  We love classic Clint Eastwood westerns, they're bad ass, artistic and addictive to watch. So we were excited to marry the concepts together. Shotgun is a banger track, we knew the video needed to reflect that.  A 360 video concept came with many challenges, one being that fact that everything in the shot needed to be close to the camera.  Renee came up with the idea of a classic western saloon, everyone on our team loved it.  From there the story was built.  There are 5-6 contact points within the room that constantly change, including a poker table fight, a band of villains and a bartender with a Shotgun.  It's raw, dirty and filmed in salon that feels like you've been thrown into your own bad ass western.  It is the first of it's kind in Canada." - Jonny Fox  Enjoy \m/,

Check out the behind the scenes video put together by Brian and Chris at Y108! 

Watch the music video HERE- Best viewed on your mobile device using the youtube app