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Our partnership with World Vision Canada

In the fall of 2016 while touring across Canada with I Mother Earth and Our Lady Peace, we teamed up with World Vision Canada to raise awareness for children living in poverty from Nkayi, Zimbabwe. Through the help of our fans we were able to get hundreds of children sponsored and raised thousands of dollars that went to an effort of creating positive, lasting change in that community.


In March of 2017, we had the amazing opportunity to travel to Nkayi and surrounding districts of Zimbabwe and were able to witness the living conditions and struggles of these communities and experience first hand some of the amazing and inspiring efforts that World Vision are doing to create lasting change.

We built friendships with some of the most hopeful, strong, determined, and welcoming people we've ever met. Seeing their high-spirits, it was hard to believe that they live in such extreme conditions, as the poverty rate in Zimbabwe is currently at 72%.

This has forever changed our outlook on life forever and has filled us with a deeper purpose.   We are now determined more than ever to see this work through and give every member and child of that community better living conditions, and empower them out of poverty.

Check out our photos from our journey below and follow the link to find out how you can help us achieve our goals in the community through child sponsorship in the areas of: child protection, education, improved agriculture and farming to decrease malnutrition caused by food shortages, illness and disease prevention, and access to clean and sustainable drinking water.

We'll show you how together our efforts with World Vision are impacting the communities directly and answer any questions you have along the way.


Thank you all for your support and unity through music! 

-Renee & Jonny

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